Migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka

Migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka | Your Comprehensive Guide

Australia, with its diverse culture, high standard of living, and abundant opportunities, is a popular destination for migrants worldwide, including Sri Lankans. Whether you’re seeking better career prospects, quality education, or a higher standard of living, migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka can be a life-changing decision. This guide provides valuable information on the pathways, requirements, and opportunities for Sri Lankans looking to migrate to Australia.

Visa Pathways for Sri Lankans

Sri Lankans have several visa options available to them when considering migration to Australia. Some of the common pathways include:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189):
    • This visa is for skilled workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state, or territory. Sri Lankans with occupations in demand in Australia can apply for this visa if they meet the eligibility criteria, including age, English language proficiency, and skills assessment.
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190):
    • This visa requires nomination by an Australian state or territory government. Sri Lankans who possess skills and qualifications that are in demand in a specific state or territory may be eligible to apply for this visa.
  3. Employer-Sponsored Visas:
    • Sri Lankans may be eligible for employer-sponsored visas if they have a job offer from an Australian employer. Options include the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) and the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186), among others.
  4. Student Visas:
    • Sri Lankan students can pursue higher education in Australia by obtaining a student visa. Upon completion of their studies, they may be eligible for post-study work visas or skilled migration pathways.

Skills Assessment and English Proficiency

Before applying for most skilled migration visas, Sri Lankans must undergo a skills assessment to ensure their qualifications and work experience meet Australian standards. Additionally, non-native English speakers may need to demonstrate their English language proficiency through tests such as IELTS or PTE.

Benefits of Migrating to Australia for Sri Lankans

Migrating to Australia offers numerous benefits for Sri Lankans, including:

  • Quality of Life: Australia is known for its high standard of living, excellent healthcare, and quality education system.
  • Employment Opportunities: Australia has a strong economy and a diverse range of industries, providing ample job opportunities for skilled workers.
  • Education: Australian universities are globally recognized for their quality education and research opportunities.
  • Safety and Security: Australia is considered one of the safest countries in the world, offering a secure environment for individuals and families.
Migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka
Migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka

How AIMC Australian Visas Can Help

AIMC Australian Visas specializes in assisting individuals and families from Sri Lanka with their migration journey to Australia. Our experienced team of migration agents provides personalized advice and guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to life in Australia.


Migrating to Australia from Sri Lanka is an exciting opportunity for individuals and families seeking a better future. With various visa pathways available and the support of experienced migration professionals like AIMC Australian Visas, achieving your migration goals has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in making your Australian dream a reality.

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