Consultation fees are common in the practice of immigration law because the level of knowledge of immigration law required to accurately assess the options available to a prospective client, coupled with the amount of time required to obtain this information, deserve some fee for this effort. The immigration consultation fee is non-refundable. A receipt for payment will be provided to you after the consultation.

For the price of the consultation:You will receive 375 US dollars worth services just only for $175 USD:

1. Consultation

2. Assessment

3. Point Test

Other Services:

We will provide the service you have requested to the best of our ability. Unless otherwise stated the fees for this are non-refundable.
Scope of Representation for Immigration Consultation:

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information obtained during the immigration consultation will remain confidential.
MUTUAL TRUST: In order to properly represent our clients, it is necessary to have complete honesty.
If the AEDA suspects that a client is not telling the truth or is seeking to procure an immigration benefit by fraud,
then it reserves the right to withdraw its representation.

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Payment Options

We offer several payment options for our clients, including cash, bank transfer, and PayPal.