About Us

          AIMC immigration firm is helping interested clients by reducing certain complication encountered during application process and migration procedure.

We are leading with a mission and vision of enlightening the path of eligible immigrant people, who are seeking to earn their livelihood and are interested in settling in Australia.

By bringing new career & employment opportunities and abiding the legitimate conducts, we believe in educating people with time consuming processes take place during the execution of a visa application.

With a vast knowledge of Australian immigration practices, we operate on reliable sources to help out the needy people as quick as possible.   

We offer a wide array of Australian visa services in order to symbolize the real aspect of Australian immigration laws and code of conducts.

After evaluating the nature of a request from client- end, our second step proceeds with evaluating the eligibility of the candidate by reviewing the entitlement criteria.

Our experts like to judge the confidence of the client and his/ her intensions of entering Australia on temporarily or permanently basis.

We provide structural visa application strategy after compiling an interested individual’s inputs.

We ensure post- lodgement commitment from our immigrant individual side to keep our clients updated.

Our immigration department cooperates with the concerned Australian immigration department from the behalf of client and stays in touch the concerned client for accomplishing the legitimate procedure as soon as possible.

We maintain transparency between these links and pay attention to Australia Stock Exchange for recent updates. Our policy is typically abiding the suggested immigration rules.



Lidia understands the complexities of immigration law and goes above and beyond to help people. She was very thorough in following up on information requests and deadlines. She was always available by phone or email and could readily provide additional insight into questions we presented. She truly helped us in such a unique way. I do not feel that any other person would have been able to give us the same results.

Francine Allen

We have been dealing with our Immigration Agent Lidia Paul for the last few months, we were in the Progress of the a Prospective Marriage Visa, which entails a lot of paperwork, forms, legal documents etc, without having Lidia to help us there was no way we could of done it. Also being educated in so many other fields, we were lucky enough that Lidia could also converse in Spanish which was a bonus to liaison with the other party from Spain who could not fully understand English. We have now completed all documents and they have now been sent to the Australian Embassy in Spain. I highly recommend Lidia, she is very thorough and a perfectionist in all that she does, and if you have any queries you can contact her 24/7.


We would thankful to Ms Lidia Paul for her support and help. She provides us all information regarding Paper work and lodgement of application. Lidia assist us and make sure for positive outcome. She was always available to assist us on phone or by mail. We highly recommend Ms Lidia Paul for Immigration services. We both are grateful to Ms Lidia Paul for her outstanding service.


I have no hesitation recommending Lidia Paul to anyone needing help with any type of visa issue(s). My case was complex from the get go and I remember feeling hopeless, depressed about my situation and thinking that was the end of my life but meeting up with Lidia and knowing that there was a solution to my problem, I became hopeful again. Ms Paul was upfront and honest about everything and gave me clear advice on how my situation could be resolved. She was very professional yet friendly, pleasure to deal with and helped me through out my whole visa application process

Alex Zhao

I have used Lidia as an agent for my dad’s partner, she is very well organised and efficient. She pays attention to the smallest of details and I would definitely recommend her to any friends or relatives needing visa applications.


To whom it may concern, I and my husband had the pleasure of meeting Ms Lidia Paul, to assist with my husband visa issues. The service we received and the guidance Ms Lidia Paul provided to us was very helpful (especially, during the process of preparing the submission for MRT). Ms Lidia Paul clearly explained and makes us understand how to deal with the visa issues. My husband and I are very grateful for her support and had a satisfaction services from Ms Lidia Paul. Kind Regards