Student Visas

Australian student visa is a prospective option available for the students, who intend to study in Australia more than 4 months. This student visa is a temporary permission to enter Australia for getting enrolled with a nominated course. As soon as, you will end up with your courses and graduation studies, you have to depart from Australia by the specific date your visa validity is getting over, unless you are eligible for applying a permanent residence application.

Application process for Australian Residency - Graduation Students

Students, who complete their graduation qualification successfully in Australia, may appear eligible to apply for a Permanent Resident in Australia with respect to a provision of the Skilled Migration Program Visa.

If you have scored your graduation degree in a particular field from Australian University or an Educational Institute and longing to settle down in the country with a granted permission of Australian Permanent Residency, you are eligible to apply for a visa within the duration of six months of your course completion.

In case, you do not appear eligible for claiming a Permanent Resident Australian visa during your graduation course, you have to opt for the other legal alternate by meeting certain legitimate requirements. Consequently, such a candidate needs to wait until graduation completion.
We value your time and appreciate not to linger until you earn your graduation in case you have already completed your studies or you are about to complete. Evaluating your case for ensuring your eligibility for putting an application for Australian Permanent Residency is our mission.

The Business Skills program is divided into four categories:

Business Owner Category

For owners or part-owners of a business who would like to establish or participate in a business in Australia.

Senior Executive Category

For senior executive employees of major businesses (highest 3 levels of management); who would like to establish or participate in a business in Australia.

Investor Category

For investors or business people who are willing to invest in a business or an investment in Australia.

Business Talent Category

For high-calibre business people who have sponsorship from a State/Territory government and are prepared to participate in a qualifying business, maintaining a substantial ownership and management involvement.

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