Australia Family Visas

Australian Parent Visas are available for the parents of a permanent Australian
citizen in which an interested permanent resident of Australian can sponsor his/
her parents on the base of following Parent Visa categories:

Contributory Parent Visa

Contributory Aged Parent Visa

The mainstream procedure for applying and obtaining an Australia Parent Visa remains the same for aforementioned Parent Categories.

Contributory Parent Visa

In a Contributory Parent Visa, A permanent Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand Resident is entitled for sponsoring the parents as depending upon the eligibility terms and processing priorities.

Presents Residing in Australia can apply for

Contributory Aged Parents (Residents) Visa

Contributory Aged Parents (Temporary) Vis

Applicants fall under Contributory Aged Parents Visa must be old enough to be  granted the Australian Age pension rights and amenities. Parents, who are not meeting the old age group requirements recommended by the government, can  apply for Perth Offshore Parents Care Center and will not be eligible for receiving  a grant of an associated Birding Visa.

Child Visa class includes following mentioned visa sub- types:

Adoption category

Orphan category

Orphan category

Eligibility of a child should be inquired as depending upon the type of a child visa
as mentioned above.

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